Stewart Esten: Barrie’s Personal Injury Lawyers

Stewart Esten: Barrie’s Personal Injury Lawyers

Stewart Esten Law Firm is a full-service legal team, and one of the oldest law firms in Simcoe County. Our personal injury lawyers Tiffany V. Little, and William J. Leslie provide full-service legal counsel for all personal injury cases.

Our team has decades of experience in successfully obtaining financial compensation and benefits for our clients. Our focus is on providing the best quality of service and care to our clients, your family and loved ones.

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Image of car accident
Car Accidents
Man bending over holding a box hurting his back
Workplace Injuries
Someone laying on the ground after falling
Slip and Fall
Man holding a walker being helped by a nurse
Disability Claims
A pen pointing at a brain scan
Medical Injuries
A woman laying on a hospital bed wearing a neck brace
Catastrophic Injuries

Stewart Esten will successfully represent you for any of the following personal injury situations. Contact us today for a consultation and to get your case started.