Estate Law


Preparing your last will and testament and power of attorney, living will, is an important step in estate planning. Stewart Esten’s team of experienced and seasoned Estate Lawyers are here to provide solutions to every aspect of Estate Law, from will creation, to more complex estate planning and trusts.


Whether you are planning your own will or are dealing with the estate of a loved one, our experienced team of estate lawyers at Stewart Esten Law Firm, are here to help.


We understand that your estate planning needs are unique – they may be simple, or they could be complex. Should we need to, we also have a team of family lawyers and business lawyers to draw on – so regardless of how complicated your estate planning may be, we have the solutions.


Scott R. Hawryliw and Andrew K. Zyp will assist you with your wills and powers of attorney and any estate administration of a deceased person. If you find yourself involved in an estate dealing with a dispute before the court, or should a loved one need a Guardianship Application made to the court Scott R. Hawryliw has the experience you need.

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