Workplace Policies


Establishing workplace policies are important for any business of any size. These documents set clear boundaries, protecting both employees and employers.


Workplace policies are formal documentation of company policies instituted by management of a business. Workplace policies must be written in a clear understandable language, and provided to all employees that the policies are intended to apply to, usually in the form of an employee handbook. If the policy was in place when the employment started, then you can integrate it into employment contracts by specifically referencing it therein; otherwise, you’ll need to ensure that existing employees sign off, indicating that they have received the policy and they understand and agree to it. Additional consideration or notice may also be required for certain policies to be binding, depending on the circumstances.


Workplace policies can cover a wide range of issues – harassment, workplace violence, dress codes, computer usage, etc. It’s the job of the workplace policy to clearly communicate the businesses stance in advance of an event occurring – this way it’s clear to both parties what the consequences will be.


Stewart Esten Law Firm can help your business create a variety of policies to suit your corporate needs as well as ensuring compliance with statutes such as Occupational Health and Safety Act and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (or AODA).

Workplace Policies