Employment Contracts


An employment contract is a legal document that outlines employment conditions, including duties and responsibilities, compensation, benefits, bonuses and salary.


The purpose of an employment contract is to protect both parties. It should contain specifics on the length of employment and details on what happens in the event either party wants to end the employment relationship.


The contract should also provide specifics on financial compensation – details on how and when bonuses are to be paid should be clearly outlined. Vacation time, company equipment such as laptops, phones, vehicles, or vehicle expense compensation, should also be clearly detailed in an employment contract. What happens in the event of employment termination should also be clearly stated, including compensation and non-competition clauses.


For employers we can help if you’re looking for a standard employment contract that you can use with all new hires, or if you’re hiring for a unique role that requires something custom. For employees, we can provide interpretation of the document as a whole, bringing any areas that are cause for concern to your attention, as well as helping you with sending your employer revised versions and negotiating on your behalf.

Employment Contracts