Divorce Rates In Canada Continue Rising Post-Lockdown

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Divorce Rates In Canada Continue Rising Post-Lockdown

If you turn on the news, listen to the radio, or browse articles from your favourite news outlet, you’re bound to come across a story about increasing divorce rates in Canada. During the height of the pandemic, Canada saw a massive increase in divorce rates. Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, 15% of Canadian couples (just under 5 million Canadians) experienced a breakup, and 900,000 Canadians got divorced. Compare that to divorce rates in 2008, when StatsCan reported 70,000 divorces in the entire year, and the trend is unpleasantly evident.  

Lockdown Pressure and Family Stress

Under the lockdown, families were stressed working from home, homeschooling, and spending a lot more time together in enclosed places. As restrictions lifted and families returned to work and school, divorce rates were expected to decline. It was thought that stress levels would reduce, and family life would return to “normal.” 

However, new pandemic challenges have emerged in the form of differing parental views on vaccination and mask mandates. 

Parents and Caregivers Compromising

Instead of smooth sailing after lockdowns, parents face new provincial mandates for vaccinations and masks. Divergent attitudes on the “right way” to navigate the pandemic are causing arguments between couples that are often irreconcilable. 

If one parent or partner believes in wearing a mask and the other does not, they are unlikely to come to the point of compromise. The same can be said for attitudes toward vaccinations. These are deep-seated, fundamental beliefs that were not communicated before the pandemic because they didn’t come up as a topic of discussion. 

Differing Parental Views On Vaccination and Children

Significant conflicts can arise if one parent wants their child to be vaccinated and the other does not. These opposing beliefs can cause irreconcilable differences in a divorce or separation and can cause serious litigious obstacles. Every parent wants to pass down their values and beliefs to their children. Children are put in the middle when those values and beliefs fundamentally differ from one parent to another. If you find yourself at odds with your spouse, partner or co-parent in this situation, the path forward can be a challenge. What are your options to ensure that your children are not put in the middle?

Co-Parenting During the Pandemic

If you find yourself at a stalemate with your partner, spouse or co-parent, there are options for outside support and advice. Here are some courses of action you can take to help you with co-parenting during the pandemic. 

Know The Rules

It’s essential to keep up to date with provincial legislation and Covid-19 protocols, as rules and regulations are constantly changing. Know your options and what has been mandated by the provincial and federal governments.

Seek Mediation Or Counselling

Counsellors are available to parents and co-parents to help them resolve their differences. However, a legal mediator may also provide legal insight and advice on parental rights and help avoid costly lawsuits and court appearances. 

Consult A Lawyer To Know Your Rights

Whether you’re considering divorce or separation from your partner or struggling to co-parent due to opposing views, consult a family lawyer to discover what you can do to protect your child’s rights. The legal experts at Stewart Esten are here to help. These are undoubtedly unprecedented times for parents, and we’re here to support you. Know your rights as a parent. Contact the family lawyers at Stewart Esten today to gain insight.

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