Commercial Leasing


Commercial leases for businesses have become increasingly complex with many clauses that contain surprises for business tenants who did not understand the consequences of the technical wording.


In order to protect yourself from monetary loss it’s imperative to have a commercial leasing lawyer review your commercial lease and advise you of the hidden costs and liabilities and the adverse results that may follow.


Christopher Shultz and Miranda Cudmore, commercial leasing lawyers, will help with all aspects of your commercial lease agreement and will work with you to not only protect you, but also to negotiate the best rate and included service agreements to help your business succeed. We understand that it’s more than just a lease, it’s the home for your business, and we provide the expertise to help guide you through this complicated process.


Stewart Esten Law Firm is pleased to have assisted both landlords and tenants over the years in the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases.

Commercial Leasing