Buying & Selling Businesses


Buying or selling a business in Ontario, whether by way of purchase/sale of shares, or purchase/sale of assets, is a complex legal issue that requires professional business legal representation.


There are many potential liabilities in the acquisition of a business whether by share purchase or asset purchase, which could result in either the buyer or the seller suffering loss after closing. As such it’s vital that you understand the current health of the business you’re considering buying or selling and have detailed agreements drawn up that protect the business buyer or seller. Failure to fully understand either the sale agreement, or the health of the business can have dire consequences.

Our attorneys have acted on transactions over $50 million and can be relied upon to advise on the purchase or sale of any sized business in Ontario.


Before entering into a purchase agreement, or even a letter of intent, have our business lawyers Andrew K. Zyp,  Miranda Cudmore, and Christopher Shultz review and advise either the business buyer or seller.

Buying & Selling Businesses